@crisedad Instagram Profile 7:35 AM Sep 23, 2018

Always remember how much love he showing me and my son on so many different occasions when I met you at the Palladium when my son when I met you in Soho and you took time to take pictures with him and build with him I appreciate you and of course much appreciation comes to my son #lilcrise aka #crisedagod

@bugsy_h Instagram Profile 2:29 AM Sep 26, 2018

Remember sticking fiends at the 1-6-ouu

@uriel.isaac7 Instagram Profile 8:45 PM Sep 26, 2018

Out here you and Dave east looking like blood brothers in this pic lol

@constantnut Instagram Profile 5:52 AM Oct 6, 2018

I've been posting a nut everyday for the past 250+ days.