@nyasantana Instagram Profile 12:46 AM Jul 7, 2018

We miss you in Jake Pauls vlogs 😭

@lovelyjerika Instagram Profile 4:43 PM Jul 11, 2018

Are u wearing a crop top. Lol. I still love you 💙

@yo_its_emily_56 Instagram Profile 3:57 AM Jul 16, 2018

@nathanspeiser um so as I was reading your paragraph I noticed that you are into photography as am I. And a lot of people say that I'm good at it but I say other wise. But as I was say do you have any tips for me for taking photos.

@x_kelslay Instagram Profile 6:34 PM Jul 17, 2018

Are you still vlogging for Jake?

@ellalloyd1 Instagram Profile 4:44 PM Jul 18, 2018

I miss you being with jakeyy😭❤️

@aa.brok3n.editz Instagram Profile 5:14 PM Jul 26, 2018

We Will always care brother💓🙏 we love and miss you 🙌

@jojoman6979 Instagram Profile 3:17 PM Aug 14, 2018

Nathan I miss you in the vlogs but you do what your doing your awesome we love you always

@jacobeldah Instagram Profile 6 days ago

You may wear Gucci, but that doesn’t make you cool or money